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The 2020 Book Bingo Reading Challenge from Modern Gypsy

I can’t remember how I came across this 2020 Bingo Book Reading Challenge from the Modern Gypsy, but it captured my interest and I am going to take part in it. If this 2020 Bingo Book Challenge captures your interest and you want to join in all you have to do is follow the instructions below.

This challenge is open to everyone you don’t have to be a book blogger like me, but being a Goodreads member will be helpful in keeping a track on how you are doing (Please make sure that your profile is not private). To see my Goodreads profile Gadget Girl 71

How to take part:

There are two main parts to this reading challenge: choose your bingo journey and commit to a quarterly check-in.

Your Bingo Journey:

There are 25 prompts on the bingo book reading challenge and you choose how many you want to do.

Pick your rows:

  • Choose a few rows and commit to finishing those during the year
  • You can choose two horizontal or two vertical rows (which means you have committed to reading 10 books during the year)
  • You can choose one horizontal and one vertical row of book (which means you have committed to read 9 books during the year).
  • Or you can choose a combination of horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows (which means that you have committed to read 12-13 books during the year

Or go for the Full House:

If you go for the full house it will mean that you have committed to read 25 book during the year.

Quarterly Check in’s for this 2020 Bingo Reading Challenge:

There will be quarterly check in’s. Where you let others doing this challenge know how you are progressing. Including:

  1. What books you have read so far
  2. The one you loved the most
  3. Or give mini reviews of all of the books you’ve read so far for this challenge (how you write your quarterly check in’s posts is up to you).
  4. The quarterly check post will go up on Modern Gypsy’s blog on the last Monday of each quarter (Except December)
  5. Write your check in post on your blog (if you are a blogger), making sure that you put in the link to the Modern Gypsy’s Challenge Post and drop your blog links in the comments of her quarterly check in posts. (The comments will be open for 2 weeks on each check in)

Quarterly Check In Dates:

30 March 2020, 29 June 2020, 28 September 2020, 21 December 2020

The Important Bingo Card:

Down Load Your Bingo Card Here!

Not A Blogger? Here Is How You Can Still Join In.

If your not a blogger you can join in by tracking your progress by making an account on Goodreads. Goodreads is free to join so there is no cost involved. The only requirement is that you have a dedicated shelf for the challenge and that your profile in public. You can share your dedicated shelf by posting a link to it by writing a comment of Modern Gypsy’s dedicated Check in posts.

I have called my shelf on Goodreads 2020 Book Bingo Reading Challenge please feel free to take a look at my shelf. I will be adding some books that I want to read over the course of 2020 within the next few days and weeks.


I am declaring that I am going to take part in Modern Gypsy’s 2020 Book Bingo Reading Challenge.

If your going to take part Modern Gypsy has requested that we do the following:

  1. Grab the challenge button and add it to your blogs sidebar. This will let your readers know you’re part of the 2020 book bingo reading challenge. After all, declaring your challenges publicly is one of the best motivations for sticking with it, right?
  2. Write a blog post telling your readers your doing the 2020 book bingo reading challenge, add the challenge button, and drop the link to your post in the comments of Modern Gypsy’s 2020 Book Bingo Reading Challenge.

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