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Random Book of the Month December’s Reveal

Thank you for popping by to see what Random Book of the Month I have picked out of the Jar of Books and the last random book of the month for 2019.

This month I had to pull out three books as the first book I gave up on as I found it boring, the second book I had already read. Luckily I hadn’t read the third book.

Book One Was: Bad Boys & Billionaires (The Naughty List Romance Bundle)

by Various Authors


Men that are rough around the edges and damn good in the sack. Billionaires who take control and won’t let go until the satisfaction is overwhelming. Alpha males who will stop for nothing until they have gotten their fill…and left you swirling in a deep pool of pleasure like you’ve never known.

The Naughty List is here to give you exactly what you crave – with this special collection of novels, novellas, and short stories from a mix of New York Times Bestselling Romances and some of the newest, boldest authors around. It’s more than 200,000 words in length and features the following adventurous, passionate works:

  • The Alpha’s Kiss (Change for Me) by Lynn Red
  • I Married a Billionaire by Melanie Marchande
  • Lost in Blue by Synthia St. Claire
  • Last Lord of The Moors by Isabella Brooke
  • Amy’s Bear (The Werebear Shifters) by Aurora Reid 

Pages: 667. Publication Date: 10 May 2014. My Rating: Gave up did not finish.

Book Two Was: Dark Season (The Complete First Series 1-8)

By Amy Cross


For the first time, the entire first series of Dark Season books is available in one volume. Total word count is over 180,000 words, approximately 700 to 800 pages of a printed book.

When Sophie Hart is rescued from a mugging by a mysterious, silent vampire, she discovers that she is part of a dark prophecy. Patrick is the last vampire on Earth, having killed the rest of his species at the end of a bloody war, and he has plans for Sophie. But will she survive?

This volume collects the first 8 Dark Season books, covering the entire first series. Along the way, Sophie encounters not only a vampire but also werewolves, ghosts, evil maids with sharp teeth, crazed psychiatrists and dream-sucking Tenderlings. She travels to Gothos, the ancestral home of the vampires. She discovers a secret hidden inside the body of an old woman, and later she finds another dark secret hidden inside her own body.

This volume contains all 8 books in the first series

Book 1: The Last Vampire
Book 2: Sentinel

Pages: 498. Publication Date: 5 March 2012. My Rating: No review as I red this book before I started writing my reviews.

Book Three was: 48 Hours: A City of London Thriller

by J Jackson Bentley


“If you don’t pay me £250,000.00 in the next 48 Hours you will die”. The text on Josh Hammond’s BlackBerry was blunt and chilling. Surely it must be a joke, but when Josh is attacked in broad daylight and people around him start to die he knows that his blackmailer is deadly serious. Can Josh raise the money, can his attractive new bodyguard protect him, who is blackmailing him and why? He has 48 hours to find out. The first novel in the acclaimed City of London Thriller series is a hit which will enthral everyone who knows and loves its London settings.

Pages: 385. Publication Date: 28 October 2010

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