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Books Acquired Via BookBub in September

Well yet again I’ve managed to download more free books via BookBud, I know that I’ll never reach the end of my TBR (To Be Read) list on GoodReads. I’ve also acquired more ARC’s. To see a full list of all of my ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) books, please go to MY ARC Reading List. I update this list as soon as I receive ARC’s.

So this month I downloaded 24 Free Books. Believe me you really don’t what to know how many books are now on my TBR on GoodReads, but if you do want to know click HERE.

  1. The Ugly Duckling (Rom Com) by Annabella Costa
  2. Dangerously Taken (Aegis Group Lepta Team #1) by Sidney Bristol
  3. A of Blackmail in Belgravia (Book 1) by Clara Benson
  4. Maple Summer Wallace by Jessica Calla
  5. His Virgin by Vivina Wood & Samus Aran
  6. Project Ele (Box Set Book 1) by Rebecca Gober & Courtney Nuckles
  7. Darkness of Light (Darkness Series 1) by Stacey Marie Brown
  8. Shattered With You (Stark Security #1) by J Kenner
  9. That Old Witch! (The Coffee Coven’s Capers #1) by M Z Andrews
  10. Songbird Season (Book 5) by Melanie Lageschulte
  11. Mr Big Shot (The Mr Big Series Book 1) by S E Lund
  12. Pucked Book 1 by Helena Hunting
  13. Bren’s Blessing (The Quasar Lineage Book 1) by Pearl Tate
  14. Mercer Street (American Journey Book 2) by John A Heldt
  15. Catching Echoes (Reconstructionist Book 1) by Meghan Ciana Doidge
  16. Wingman (Rascal’s Book 2) by Katie McCoy
  17. The Watanabe Name by Sakura Nobeyama
  18. Sketches (Colony Six Book 1) by Teyla Branton
  19. The Extra (The Extra Book 1) Megan Walker & Janci Patterson
  20. The 8 Mistakes of Amy Maxwell by Heather Balog
  21. Big: Satan’s Fury M C (Book 6) by L Wilder
  22. Where Good Girls Go to Die by Holley Renee
  23. Just Friends by Elizabeth Grey
  24. Lost in Me by Lexi Ryan

Lastly please let me know if you have any of these book on your TBR or if infact you have actually read any of them. Also if you haven’t joined BookBud to get cheaper books and FREE Books why not, as it costs nothing to join.

*** I dread to think how many more books I’m going to download up until the end of December!! ***

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