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Someone Else’s Fairytale

by E M Tippetts

This is a really lovely Chic Lit book with a HEA (Happy Ever After). If you don’t like Chic Lit this book isn’t for you. Also if you like books with sex scenes you won’t find any in this book as the main character keeps her chastity.

Chloe Winters is a 21 year old student at the University of New Mexico. Who’s house mate Lori along with Chloe’s best friend Matthew drag her back to campus at the ungodly hour of three thirty am, to be extras in the latest film of the movie star Jason Vanderholt. Who was also a local until he moved to Hollywood.

While all of the extras are queuing up Jason goes down the line greeting everyone and signing autographs for his fans. When he comes across Chloe, she peaks his interest and asks if she is related to Chris and Beth Winters. As he says she looks just like Beth. Jason doesn’t seem to notice Chloe’s hesitance about their conversation.

Chloe is the love child of Chris and Beth Winters father. She doesn’t know her father and his family, as he walked away from Chloe and her mother as he was already married.

When Jason starts to show an interest in Chloe, she just shows disinterest in him, as she doesn’t like his life style, all she wants is to be his friend. Because of Jason’s interest Matthew does what he can to put Chloe off being Jason’s friend as he’s jealous. He starts digging up as much dirt that he can find on Jason, but this didn’t put Chloe off as he thought it would especially with Chloe’s history.

Matthew then ends up making a move on Chloe and she is surprised that she didn’t know he felt that way. She is surprised how safe and right everything is with Matthew, as she knows she won’t need to have that awkward conversation about no sex as Matthew is religious and wears a ring of chastity. So she knows things wont go that far.

After Matthew and Chloe get together and they have both told each other how they feel about each other Matthew does a disappearing act. He doesn’t even show up for any of the classes they shared together.

While Matthew has done his disappearing act, Jason keeps trying to be Chloe’s friend even though he knows she doesn’t want to date him. But when things from Chloe’s past resurface Jason is there for here even if she didn’t realise she wanted him there.

So who will Chloe end up within this love triangle? Matthew who has gone AWOL or Jason who has been there for her when she needed him.

Pages: 356. Publication Date: 14 December 2013. My Rating:


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