Book Review

MC Chronicles: The Diary of Bink Cummings

Vol 1 by Bink Cummings

Well I think most people who follow my blog already know how much I love M.C. books, or basically anything M.C. related. After my slump the other week this book has rejuvenated me and I’ve got my love of books back.

I hadn’t read much of this book when I knew that I’d have to buy the rest of the series and I can’t wait to read them, but I do have a few other books that I need to read in between.

Bink Cummings is an M.C. kid but more so than most, as she actually grew up at the Sacred Sinners M.C. Ever since Big Dick the President of the Sacred Sinner found out that Bink wasn’t being looked after properly by her mother. He made arrangements that Bink would have her own room at the clubhouse and that he would look after her instead of her mother. As her mother just didn’t like Bink who happens to be the middle child.

Years later at the age of 30 Bink still has her own room at the clubhouse but she doesn’t live or stay there much these days as she has a nice little place of her own. She is also a kick ass biker chick in a league of her own. She owns a pink and black Harley and doesn’t take any shit from anyone. Apart from Big Dick.

The club ends up going on lock down which has something to do with a run the VP Bink’s Father and brothers are on, and Big Dick relies on Bink even more that usual. While this is going on Bink and Big Dick’s relationship is changing, he’s making sure more than usual that Bink is a no go area for any club members as she is their Queen, and in doing so he’s starting to mess with her head. Which starts making Bink having feelings that she knows should be forbidden as Big Dick has always looked after her like a father.

This is by far the best M.C. book I have read and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Its hot and steamy and very very sexy. If you love M.C. books then this book is for you.

Pages: 206. Publication Date: 3 November 2014. My Rating:

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