Book Review

The Woman Who Wanted More

by Vicky Zimmerman

At first I found this book quite boring and long winded until I got to chapter 17. Since chapter 17 it start pick up its pace, and then I couldn’t put it down. However would I want to read it again? The answer is no.

Kate Parker is 39 with her 40th Birthday looming, she and her boyfriend are taking a break as he got cold feet about her moving in with him a couple of days after he asked her to move in.

While on this break Kate started to volunteer at Lauderdale House for Exceptional Women. Where she meet 97 year old Cecily.

Cecily is a grumpy old woman who speaks her mind. Kate is asked by the manager at the home if she would visit Cecily every Sunday as she never has any visitors. Kate does all sorts to get Cecily to join in with the other residents, but she wont. She’s too stubborn and would rather stay in her room with its walls covered with shelves upon shelves of books. These books are where Kate and Cecily find their connection. Especially with one cook book in particular.

It turns out that Cecily wrote this book in the 1950’s, and it has a dinner for every occasion. Like: The perfect meal for you and your husband after you return from your honeymoon, how to impress your husbands boss along with a meal for your ex lover. So Kate starts to make some of the recipes, taking some of them in for Cecily, and Cecily starts telling Kate about her past.

As their friendship grows Kate confides in Cecily who has no time for Kate’s boyfriend and keeps trying to put Kate off of him as she says she deserves far better.

The more you get into this book the better it is and if it wasn’t for Cecily and her funny quips I would never have finished this book. However the authors dedication in the back of this book is so heartwarming and a huge tribute to someone who meant a lot to her.

I did end up enjoying this book, but with such a slow and boring start I can only give 3 stars.

Pages: 448. Publication Date: 30 May 2019. My Rating:

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