Book Review

A Single Source

By Peter Hanington

Well where do I start with this book? For the first few chapters I kept getting confused. As in actual fact you have 3 stories occurring on in the same timeline. At first it seemed very disjointed as it skips from one view point to another and you don’t know which characters are which, until the story starts to unfold more.

The main story is about William Carver a veteran radio journalist and his younger producer/co worker Patrick who both work for the BBC. The year is 2011 and they are in Cairo reporting on the Arab Spring Uprising.

The uprising is being lead by the younger generation giving Patrick the producer better understanding of what the demonstrators are asking for. As they are using all of the modern media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to gain momentum and support from their followers, and also encouraging them to go stand along side them.

The second story revolves around two brothers Gebre and Solomon Hassan from Asmara, Eritrea and their struggle to leave their own country to get a better life for themselves in Europe. Their grandfather pays a lot of money to traffickers to take his grandsons north across the Sahara. On their journey both brothers are witness to such terrible horrors as they are taken crossed the Sahara, in cramped conditions. How people were falling out of the trucks and the traffickers just carried on driving basically leaving them to die, as all they are interested in is the money they make.

The third story is based in London around Rob Mariscal an Ex colleague of William Carver’s, who now works for the MOD as a spin doctor who is desperately trying to cover up the story that Carver is starting to unfold.

Sadly I can only give this book 2 stars, as I’ve already said that it jumps from one story to the next. If the book had been structured in a different way it would have been a much more enjoyable book to read.

*** Pages: 384. Publication Date: 2 May 2019. My Rating: ***

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