Book Review

Book Review

Spell Crazy by Julie Leo

Well I have to say I don’t really know where to start with this book.  The synopsis indicates that this book is right down my street.  Where in actual fact it just didn’t hit the mark.  The book seemed to have something missing but I don’t know what it is.

Athena is a novice moon priestess at the Avalon Institute in Glastonbury, England.  Where she is failing miserably at her spells.  Every spell she casts never works out as it should.  She had been told that if you find your true love then your magic will become more powerful.

So Athena decides to cast a love spell, which yet again the spell goes wrong.  She has opened a portal and forgot to close it meaning any demons can come in to our world.

With the help of her friends Laurel and Sean by her side she hopes to round the demons back up and send them back where they came from, before Viviane the schools magistra finds out who let the demons in to Glastonbury.  Along with the demons a rare and mythical creature comes though the portal as well, a beautiful dragon called Moksha who Athena makes a strong connection with.

Viviane calls on an old friend (Tak) who is a demon hunter to get rid of the demons.  Viviane and Tak have a history that keeps cropping up throughout the hunt.

The best part of the book was an old folks tale about the bone bridge.  It’s is beautifully written and I had to highlight it.  You’ll find it in Chapter 14. My favourite line in the book which I also had to highlight was said by Athena to Moksha “Moksha you are the most adorable fire hazard ever.”

Sadly I can only give this book one star.  

Pages: ?? Publication Date: 25 March 2019. My Rating:

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