Just for Fun


Can’t live with out them?

Photo by cody berg on Pexels.com

But I can live without them not working as they should do! I’d been having problems with my laptop for quite a while, but I couldn’t get it fixed because of Covid. I only had over the phone help for my laptop and it needed a true computer geek to sort it out.

So last week I took my laptop to be repaired. It turned out that it had that to be wiped and have the operating system reinstalled. Oh what fun that has caused me now I’ve got my laptop back.

I thought using cloud backup would make things easier to get up and running again quickly. Well I’m still waiting for everything on my online drive to be accessible, and download 48 hours after starting to access it. I still haven’t got around to putting my programmes back on my laptop. Which are a big part of helping me with my blog. Especially for the art work that I make.

I don’t want to overload my laptop and I know the design program I use for my art work will take a few days to sort out. So hopefully I’ll have everything working by the end of next week.

I’m also sure that you will realise that my usual feature posts (Monthly Round up, Random Book of the Month etc) will be very late this month.

I hope you like the photo I used for this post as I feel just like it waiting for my laptop.

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