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A Walk with Nature

On Wednesday mum and I went out for a walk, we both felt that we needed to go out that just being in our gardens wasn’t enough. So I took mum to our local country park, which is only down the road from where I live.

To say that I live in what was classed as an industrial town for textiles, we only need to travel half a mile maximum to be surrounded by nature. The country park long ago actually used to house cotton mills. There is also a caravan park and people from all over come and say there.

The country park is called “The Burrs” and it been popular with locals for many years now. On our walk I couldn’t help but take lots of photo’s and a couple of short video’s of the River Irwell as I just had to capture the sound of the river.

After going out for this walk mum and I felt so much better not only with getting the fresh air, but with being surrounded by nature and all of the colours and sounds it has to offer. So I thought I share with you some of my photos, as every time I look at them I feel uplifted, I hope that you also get some pleasure from them too.

As you can see some features from the lands past have been left as a nod to the lands past history the factory chimney among others. I didn’t take any photos of the other remnants that have been left, as we didn’t go that far in to the Burrs to come across them.

More Information on the Burrs Country Park

When we aren’t dictated by the Covid 19 Pandemic hopefully all of the activities that usually go on there will resume as normal.

  • The Irwell Sculpture Trail runs through the park
  • The East Lancashire’s Railway has a Halt in the park
  • Outdoor pursuits (walking and orienteering trails)
  • Canoeing (training pool and slalom course). The long established Bury Canoe Club is based at the Burrs.
  • Playground
  • Industrial archaeology – interpretation boards explain the history of the mills and cottages
  • Picnic tables
  • The Lamppost Café (Open Wednesday to Sunday) Check their Facebook for opening times as these can change
  • The Brown Cow public house is also housed in the country park and serves real ale and hot food food. Tel 0161 764 3386
  • Caravanning – The Caravan and motorhome Club has recently opened a purpose built camping and caravan site.
  • Fishing by licence only
  • Birdwatching – resident herons, dippers and kingfishers
  • Cycling (lies on the National Cycle Route 6)
  • Nature study (woodlandwetland and open space habitats)
  • Friends of Burrs : The Friends of Burrs group is a collection of local residents and park users who are passionate about Burrs Country Park. The group carries out fundraising and practical park improvement projects including a gardening club, balsam bashing and litter picking.

8 thoughts on “A Walk with Nature”

  1. What a beautiful walk and images, I had the sensation of earthiness as I looked at them and loved how they portray movement with the images of water. It’s so healing for body and mind to get out and walk in nature, and with the company of you Mum even better. Thanks for bringing us along with you. We are in confinement here now too, so I’ve started a daily walk to keep things in perspective, no water or wildlife on my route sadly.

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    1. This lockdown is having such a terrible affect on everyone, even as I wrote this post just going through the photos again made me feel so much better. I’m glad that you have enjoyed them too. Keep safe.


      1. Thanks, it occurs to me too that we are fortunate to have an activity like a blog in times like this, it helps keep me busy and engaged and connected, something I really value when I can’t see people or go out for fun.

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      2. It really helps with my mental health knowing others are out there and connecting and that the way I’m feeling is how others are feeling too. We are social animals at heart.


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