Book Review

Her Husbands Mistake

by Sheila O’Flanagan

It’s been a very long time since I last read a book by Sheila O’Flanagan, and I have to say this book didn’t disappoint. It’s a lovely easy read, and the writing is seamless. I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to going back and reading some of her older books until the next book comes out.

Roxy has been spending time staying with her mother as her father has just passed away. The morning after her fathers funeral she gets up at the crack of dawn to go and surprise her husband as she’s missing being with him and she wants nothing more than to cuddle up to him in bed. What she doesn’t expect to see when she walks in to their bedroom is her husband in a compromising situation with their neighbour.

She decides that its probably best that she and their children stay on a her mothers house until she can figure out what to do. The children are on holiday so she doesn’t need to worry about getting them to school.

While still staying with her mother she carries on driving as a chauffeur for her fathers business. Her father left her his Mercedes so she could do what she wants with it, either carry on driving or to sell it. With everything that’s been going on Roxy is unsure if she should wind down the business or carry on and try to build it up.

Very quickly she starts building up the business which becomes a huge bone of contention between Roxy and her husband. He does everything he can to pull her down making her out to be the one that’s in the wrong.

Will Roxy and her husband be able to settle their differences or will her husband keep trying to get his own way and carry on making her feel as though all she should be doing is staying at home to look him and the children?

*** Pages: 448. Publication Date: 30 May 2019. My Rating: ***

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