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Reading and Card Making


My reading list seem to get bigger nearly every day.  I have no idea if I’ll ever get to the end of it in this lifetime. I guess I’d have a much better chance of getting to the end of my reading list if I stopped purchasing books.

Which I have to say is pretty much impossible. I get an email everyday from BookBud and there is always at least one free book that tempts me to get it. Then when my favourite authors have any of their books on off you can guarantee I’ll get it unless I already have it.

I have bookshelves full of traditional books and they have a pride of place in my living room for all to see. I have some signed books which I’m also very proud of too.

Over the last decade I have been in bad health and this still hinders me now. So when it comes to the controversy of E books verses Traditional books I have to say that my Kindle has made a huge change to my reading. You’ll never see me go anywhere with out my Kindle. It’s like its permanently attached to my hands.

I like the Kindle because I can make the print as large as I want, where with the traditional books its a set font. However this does not stop me from purchasing traditional books. Sometimes you will find that I’ve ordered the traditional book as well at the E book version, I will read the E book but the traditional will get a home on my bookshelf for all to see. That is the only downfall of the E book to me, you can’t have it on display.

If I read lots of books within the year it a big sign for me that I have spent many many nights not sleeping due to my M.E./CFS.

I am lucky that I can now read as I went for years not being able to read more than a sentence. I can’t read anything to heavy as my brain won’t take it in, so I stick to books that are quite easy to read. So no biography’s, autobiographical or non fiction. Which is such a shame as before I became ill I used to read quite intense and heavy books. That looked more like a tomb than a book.

I like to write reviews on the books I’ve been reading as I like to put out there what my opinion of the book is, whether to say how much I enjoyed it or how it didn’t appeal to me.

Card Making

I’m an avid crafter and have been crafting for over a decade. Most of the cards that I have managed to make over the years have been given away to local charities that have helped me and my family over the years.

The box room in my house was turned in to a craft room when I moved in as I’d accumulated so many crafts supplies and gadget to produce the cards, there just was no alternative.

I have been trying to reorganise my craft room, over the last couple of months and its a work in progress and will probably still be a work in progress this time next year. As I’ve already said I’m in bad health so what would take a healthy person to do in a week it’ll take me at least a year. As I can only do small tasks at a time and everything has to be broken down into little tasks. Its down the exhaustion and pain from my condition. And this is one place that I don’t want to keep talking about it. So from now on it all about the craft and books.

I like to share cards that I have made and share them on Facebook, with other like minded craft-alcoholics. Who are addicted to all things Crafters Companion. A U.K. based company.

So between reading and writing reviews on the books I’ve read I hope to share with you more of my cards.

So please keep popping by my blog to see what I’ve been up to.

Gadget Girl 71